What's new in Outfit.

Our What’s New section makes it easy to follow along with our new features, bug fixes, major deploys and anything new in the app that we think is worth a mention.

Rename file on export Author

You can now rename your file before you download or share it on the export screen.

Project Kit Wizard Improvements Author

Improved functionality of the project wizard including the ability to preview templates in project kit.

Centralised Approvals Admin

You can now keep track of your approvals in one central location. Making it easier to work through all documents that require action.

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Improved 'Your Brand' area for Admins Admin

Added support for colours with an alpha channel in the 'Your Brand' area.

Custom file names and paths for exports Author

Dynamically update live web material in minutes by combining our custom file names and our latest link features.

18th January 2018

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Restrict a template to use only Asset Library images. Designer

Ensure image quality in high DPI documents by adding restrictions on when Authors can upload their own images to documents.

5th December 2017

Updated Revision History Author

Roll back to past changes to individual inputs or an entire save.

30th November 2017

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Advanced Reporting for Admins Admin

Keeping track of your account activity is easier than ever with the new reporting dashboard including stats on users, teams and template usage.

30th November 2017

Multiple Team Access for Project Kits Author

Project Kits can now be assigned to multiple teams, one project will be created for each team selected.

24th November 2017

Featured Slides

Each account now has a block of prime real estate, found at the top of the projects page, which can be used to display a preview of a new template, a message and a hero image which links to either a project kit or a training area article.

13th September 2017

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Notification Centre

A more efficient way to keep track of pending approvals, team activity and invitations in Outfit is the Notification Centre. Concealed in the top right-hand corner of your screen, the Notification Centre is accessible from anywhere in Outfit and can be filtered to only display the most relevant information.

1st September 2017

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Project Kits Author

For organisations with frequently used, templated sets of documents, Projects can now be saved as kits for other users to access and customise when setting up ‘like’ projects.

3rd July 2017

Your Starred Templates Author

Templates that are regularly used can now be ‘starred’ by users, saving them to a ‘My Starred Templates’ folder to make them easier to find for future projects.

15th June 2017

Spot Colours for Print Production Designer

Within print templates, a spot colour can now be defined for a specific shape or fill. This spot colour can facilitate PANTONE and other print embellishments (like spot UV).

9th June 2017

Two Levels of Approvals Admin

Ideal for teams with more complex vertical management hierarchies, documents can now require 2 levels of approval from higher ranking users prior to export.

11th May 2017

Team-Specific Social Media Accounts Admin

Each team within an account can now have their own set of department or location-specific social media accounts integrated directly into the Outfit platform.

4th May 2017

Template History Designer

Full change transparency for commits and saves to templates is now available with all template changes tracked and displayed in the preview pane.

19th May 2017

Invite External Contributors via Save and Share Author

Users of all access levels can now invite individuals, external to the Outfit platform to view, save and share documents created in Outfit.

11th April 2017

Training Area Author

New training centre now contains generic support documentation and a support chat functionality for basic accounts and as requested tailored training videos.

27th February 2017

Split Preview for the Template Editor Designer

For designers creating and making changes to existing templates, we have introduced spit preview to display style changes in real-time.

2nd February 2017

Our New App Menu!

As Outfit has grown in leaps and bounds over the last year we've released a new application menu to consolidate all of the new and cool things we've been working on.

15th December 2016

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Multi Edit Improvements Author

Now we can edit all documents together switching between a multi-edit to a single document screen. This means we can customise individual documents with ease (and speed).

1st December 2016

Pre-populated Template Content Designer

Designers can now provide authors with a strong starting point when editing a document by prefilling data. Designers can do this by presetting inputs in the Template Variations tab.

25th November 2016

Invite to Collaborate Author

Easily send colleagues and other Outfit authors invitations (via email) to collaborate on a document, or range of documents.

8th November 2016

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Flexible Documents Author

Authors can now flexibly resize a documents dimensions or choose from a predefined set while editing.

24th October 2016

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Document Bulk Actions Author

The project screen now features a newly re-factored action bar. This consolidated navigation now highlights high traffic actions like Edit and Export, while truncating those utilities that are asynchronously used.

20th October 2016

Customisable Background Images Designer

Designers can now implement customisable background images into templates with full width and height background images. This will now give authors the ability to reposition and scale an image to suit the context of a document.

17th October 2016

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Assets are Now Downloadable from the Asset Library Admin

All users, with the exception of Contributors, can now download assets from the Asset library for local use.

14th October 2016

Set Maximum Number of Items in a Collection Designer

Designers can now define a maximum number of items in a collection. This is very useful when repeatable collections are used in conjunction with a constrained formats.

11th October 2016

Document Conversations Author

Within the document editing sidebar authors can now review and add comments for later actioning.

7th October 2016

Tracked Changes Author

Reviewers can now see the changes that have occurred in a document when sent a Request Review. Changes are shown both in the sidebar and in the document preview.

7th October 2016

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Edits are now locked when there are two or more people editing at the same time Author

To avoid the unwanted situation of people saving over each others work, there is now the ability to lock the editing of documents in a project if there are more than one person editing at a time.

30th September 2016

Colour Input Author

Allow authors to choose and set a custom colour with an advanced RGB colour picker.

27th September 2016

New User Role: Contributor Contributor

Invite external contributers to specific projects, Easily invite your agencies to specific projects without exposing all your materials. Access rights are similar to a guest, but with the ability to browse projects and documents

9th September 2016

Restrict a team’s asset library to specified tags Designer

Make sure a team can only have access to imagery that they're allowed to use.

29th August 2016

Being in an archived project is more apparent Author

A message is displayed when you are in a project that has been archived.

28th July 2016

Assets are searchable by file name Author

Previously assets were only searchable by the keywords generated by Google vision and tags, now the file name is searchable as well.

29th of July 2016

Create a new input in a template without editing any code Designer

While in the template files view, select text in the preview and search through existing inputs, choose a relevant input and it will apply to the selected content.

8th of July 2016

New ways to create a template Designer

There are now two new ways to convert existing html into an outfit template:

  • Upload a .zip file containing an index.html
  • Paste a URL and we will create a template with the index.html and all the assets

8th of July 2016

The Dashboard

Now the first thing you'll see when you open the app, your dashboard is a complete overview of what's happening in Outfit. The dashboard includes documents you've edited recently, documents exported recently, what other people in your team are creating and a whole lot of other activity previously hidden behind multiple menus and tabs. If you're a Designer, the dashboard will also show you information like the templates you've created recently. We're really excited about this feature and hope you will love it as much as we loved creating it.

22nd of June 2016

Restrict certain authors from exporting Admin

Force selected users to always have to request a review before being allowed to export.

19th of May 2016

Restrict certain projects from exporting Author

Set your project to 'require review' mode so that everyone (except white listed users) must request a review before exporting.

19th of May 2016

Inline Editing author

Edit the text inside your document by clicking and typing into the preview.

29th of April 2016

Search the asset library author

The Asset Library is now searchable through meta data collected from the asset library.

15th of April 2016

Search inputs author

The document editing view now has a search filter for inputs.

15th of April 2016

Private projects author

Create a new project that only you can see.

8th of April 2016

Name your share links author

Give your share links a name so you can keep track of which one is which.

8th of April 2016

Automatically remove formatting when pasting text. designer

Stop people from using off brand rich text in a template by removing the styling when they paste.

8th of April 2016

Preview a template before you add it Author

Look at the template your about to add pre-filled with dummy data, so you know exactly what you're adding.

5th of April 2016

Link an image input to a tag designer

Only let authors chose from images tagged as 'background images' for using as a background.

3rd of April 2016

Max file size for .jpg exports Designer

You can now set a size limit on final exported files, this is helpful for optimising images and keeping the size down on images on social media.

25th of March 2016

Document discovery author

The new discovery feature allows users to explore documents more easily with a preview window. Users can also request access to documents that exist in another team's project.

20th of March 2016

See who else is editing Author

You can now see who else is editing the same document as you in real time. A user bubble will pop up in the tool bar.

12th of March 2016

Document versions author

The Version feature allows you to switch between any saved version of a document, edit it and export it without losing other versions.

4th March 2016

Post to social media author

Directly post from Outfit straight to Linkedin, Facebook or twitter.

1st of March 2016

Request review author

If you aren't ready to export yet, you can request a review from another user. This will notify them via email, they can either approve your document or give you feedback on more changes required.

23rd of February 2016

Archiving projects author

Archiving projects allows you to remove projects from the active project feed without deleting them.

20th of February 2016

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