Outfit for Large Brands

Outfit is an innovative brand automation platform that empowers your teams, departments and office locations to produce high quality marketing materials in less time, without compromising your brand.

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Intro to Outfit, for large brands.

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Ensure Brand Control across markets, locations and languages

Central Marketing teams and Brand Managers have total peace of mind knowing that everything created in Outfit by geographically dispersed marketing teams and business partners is always on brand, automatically customised to the individual market and language, and safeguarded by our responsive, restraints based templates.

Empower Teams

Outfit empowers teams, departments and organisations with multiple office locations to produce more quality, on brand marketing materials. By working with pre-approved branded templates, staff no longer need to seek approval from head office, giving them more autonomy when producing their marketing material.

"We measure the benefits of Outfit just by the requests we aren’t getting any more. I know every time I see something being built in Outfit, that custom piece of creative would have been taken care of by team. And as that list grows bigger, I know I’m saving more."
Andy Fitzsimon – Global Brand Manager

Eliminate Design Bottlenecks

Outfit allows the many stakeholders in a organisation's structure to create their own marketing materials by eliminating the design bottlenecks. With Outfit, the requests sent to head office are reduced, thus freeing up the marketing team to do what it does best - create new, engaging and creative campaigns. This means no more wasted time on ongoing tweaks and approvals; an agile streamlined workflow

Red Hat uses Outfit to manage their global brand across several countries, languages and catering for local marketing needs

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