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Ensure Creative Consistency on Every Event Material

Event organisers and managers can rest assured that every single material in Outfit is produced in alignment with the branding and creative concept. Outfit’s web-based technology and templates keep them locked-in, so authors and staff on the ground can change solely the event information you allow them to.



Increase Speed to Market

Produce your entire event bill of materials in a matter of minutes avoiding design bottlenecks. Create wayfinding event signage from your mobile phone while checking your venue. Allow your team and agencies to render everything in-house. Share links to your final artwork with the print supplier, instead of sending huge email attachments.


Perform last-minute changes in a matter of minutes

Had to change the venue or closed a deal with a new sponsor days before the event? Hundreds of new registrants came in the day prior to your event? With Outfit you can edit your entire bill of materials with one single input and keep them all consistent. Outfit also allows you to import new registrants via bulk upload, so you can render new name badges on the fly, rather than having to input one by one.


Save on Production Costs

Reuse your event materials in your next event, eliminating the costs and time needed to redesign thousands of Illustrator files. Using modern, responsive, web design techniques, Outfit templates can scale to any dimension or aspect ratio, allowing customers and event agencies to repurpose their events materials to the next event, be it at another location or a recurring version of the same event. Without these event costs and lead-up time, you also have the ability to run more events, more often, creating additional business opportunities.


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