Outfit transforms the way agencies create, collaborate on and share their branded marketing materials for their clients.

Outfit. Optimise your creative production

Outfit is completely changing the way creative agencies produce digital and print materials for their clients by offering a powerful cloud based platform for editing and rendering creative assets on the fly. 

Produce faster and quality creative

Outfit ensures creative consistency through the use of responsive HTML/CSS templates. This means your designers can cater for several assets at once, while your writers or account managers can edit multiple assets with no need for design skills or image editing software.

Instant creative production and distribution 

Render your assets in seconds and share the final creative with a simple click.

Repurpose, test and refine creative

Repurpose creative assets to different media and formats with responsive templates. Duplicate and edit several creatives with one single input thanks to Outfit’s unique technology capabilities.

Controlled and permission-based creative production 

Customise control levels and determine who can manage teams, design creatives, write or edit content, and even access your creative assets.

Focus on strategy and concepts

Eliminate repetitive tasks from your creative production process, so your team can focus on your client’s creative strategy and concepts.

Help your clients win

Help your clients outsmart and outmanoeuvre their competitors with technology that enables the production and sharing of on brand marketing material, at speed.

Grow your client footprint and portfolio

Expand your output for existing accounts and free up resources for acquiring new clients.

Full training and referrals from Outfit

Get marketing, sales, onboarding, and templating training from our best-in-class team! Prove your web and print design skills and Outfit will send new clients to your agency.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities for agencies

  1. Create an additional revenue stream by designing Outfit templates
  2. Create a new revenue stream by reselling Outfit platform licences
  3. Offer existing clients a platform to scale the production of their creative assets
  4. Allow your creative team to focus on new concepts rather than repetitive work
  5. Allow your writers, account and project managers to quickly address changes requested from clients
  6. Gain visibility into your client’s usage of materials produced through Outfit’s Activity Report
  7. Strengthen client relationships aimed at the long term
  8. Strengthen market positioning compared to other agencies

Business opportunities for agency clients:

  1. Licences to access Outfit, a world-class innovative marketing production platform used by global companies and education providers
  2. Assurance that all branded assets will be on brand
  3. Access to Outfit’s Global Support Team
  4. Ability to optimise the production of their digital and print branded assets
  5. Ability to expand their marketing efforts into new events, regions, and languages without the extra production costs involved in creating an entirely new campaign

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