Brand Automation Marketing Production

Produce lots of high quality branded material, easily, collaboratively and quickly.

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The Outfit platform addresses both challenges - brand automation and marketing production, at scale.

  • Brand Automation: 100% brand consistency

    Designers, brand managers and directors strive to keep the branding of their organisations always consistent on all materials - digital and print. With the ever growing demand to create new on brand materials and verify all materials for brand consistency, many design departments become bottlenecks to marketing campaigns.

    The Outfit platform ensures 100% brand consistency by providing pre-approved templates with the design elements locked, so marketers and content authors can only add copy and change a few elements, as determined by designers.

  • Marketing Production at Scale

    Marketers and content authors are usually time-pressed by sales teams and short deadlines to deliver high volumes of materials fast. Quite often, they face the choice between delivering materials late and on brand, or delivering them on time with misrepresentations of an organisation's brand. The second choice is the most common as they would rather seize the market opportunities.

    Because Outfit is a SaaS platform, marketers and content authors can create their materials whenever they need and wherever they need them, regardless of timezone differences or design bottlenecks.

    The multi-edit feature allows the creation of an entire bill of materials in a matter of minutes while keeping brand and campaign consistency across the board.

Outfit allows organisations to

  • Streamline their marketing operations
  • Seize market opportunities, and
  • Save costs within brand and marketing budgets