Outfit transforms the way large organisations create, collaborate on and share their branded marketing materials.

Outfit is an innovative brand management and marketing production platform.

Outfit provides brand consistency and speed of asset execution across all media, delivering cost savings to your organisation. 

Outfit optimises the production of digital and print marketing materials.

Through the use of flexible, constraints-based templates; we ensure brand consistency, allowing your team to spend more time on the projects they need to, and reducing time spent on the repetitive design tasks.

Govern and protect your brand's identity. 

Outfit keeps all marketing materials in line with your brand's style guide.
It automatically ensures no one can change your brand placements, fonts or colours or use any unapproved logos. 

Completely valid HTML.

Every template in Outfit is made using the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 while also meeting semantic web guidelines. This means that if exported to HTML, your templates will work flawlessly in any modern web browser.

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All of your brand assets in one place. 

Our digital asset management library allows you to store and manage an entire library of approved files, imagery, logos and graphics.

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Rapidly produce beautifully designed marketing materials, with the ability to maintain what makes your brand unique.

Outfit’s key strength is allowing users to easily make multiple changes to marketing materials at scale, empowering non designers to create on brand collateral quickly.

Reduce your production costs.

Quickly edit and repurpose existing marketing materials, rendering them in-house in a matter of seconds.

How can your organisation become more

Increase your speed to market.

You can easily edit a full bill of materials simultaneously. Edit an event date, update a price point, or change a call to action across all of your campaign materials at once with one single input.

Collaborate across departments and regions.

Empower brand and marketing teams to produce assets collaboratively and share them in real-time across different teams and geographies.

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Optimise team and agency efforts.

Refocus your team’s energy on strategy and creativity by reducing the amount of labour required during production.

Outfit for Agencies

Transparency over your marketing production. 

Outfit's activity feed and reporting gives Managers an overview of what their employees are working on and what materials have been produced.

Fit-out your Outfit

With integrations to enchance your existing workflows

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What exactly can this thing do, anyway?

A comprehensive list of the features that allow us to revolutionise the way large organisations collaborate, create and share.

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