Fit-out your Outfit

with integrations to enhance your existing workflows.


Utilise the power of your Salesforce database to generate materials using the power of the Outfit engine. Dynamically produce thousands of documents, on the fly from predefined actions or status changes that are made in Salesforce. Or tailor your beautifully designed templates for bespoke, on-demand document generation.

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The perfect match of marketing and brand automation platforms, giving customers the ability to create on brand, responsive landing pages and newsletters, seamlessly plugging them into Marketo’s Engagement Platform.

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Streamline the creation of real estate marketing and promotional materials by utilising Pricefinder's data and analytics engine. Enhance the presentation and quality of your real estate materials instantly via Outfit's powerful template architecture.

Asset Bank

Already have a curated library of ready-to-go imagery in Asset Bank? Simply flip the switch and all of your optimised, high resolution imagery can be accessed via Outfit and for use in your on brand templates.

Email on Acid

Enhance your EDM creation workflow with Email on Acid's powerful rendering and testing engine. Craft and test your email without ever leaving Outfit and have that piece of mind that all checks have passed before deploying to your external deployment platform.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Push your perfectly crafted EDM block straight to Salesforce Marketing Cloud upon completion. Know exactly where the EDM is going and who will have access to it and seamlessly continue the process on the Marketing Cloud side as soon is it's been pushed.


Sync Outfit exported documents straight to your Dropbox. No need to fill up your Downloads with an ever-growing list of exports, let Outfit and Dropbox handle your file management. Newly exported documents will create a neatly ordered folder structure that’s time-stamped for easy access later on.

Social Media

Deploy your exported social media optimised images straight to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn without ever having to leave Outfit. Remove the hassle of accidentally posting pixelated content and increase your channels consistency with Outfit’s social media integrations.


Supercharge your Pendula multi-channel deliveries with Outfit. Using Outfit's powerful rendering engine, generate invoices and other necessary branded documents, triggered by Pendula’s powerful AI based customer communication management platform.

Google Drive

Sync Outfit exports and programmatic creative sheets straight to your business Drive. Newly exported documents will create a neatly ordered folder structure that’s time-stamped for easy access later on.

Google Sheets

Dynamically produce thousands of variations with the click of a button. Setup your ad sizes, text segments and creative elements in Google Sheets, synthesise and render those variations using Outfit’s flexible templates and deploy via your ad networks.

Custom Integrations

Your existing systems will never have to go by the wayside with Outfit's powerful API driven architecture. Custom integrations are easy to setup and highly configurable. Talk to us today about our API capabilities.

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