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A selection of our brand assets and how to use them.

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Clear Space.

Please allow a minimum clear space around the logotype to be equal to the x-height of the ‘o’. Doing this protects the logo from being crowded by other elements such as text or images.

Logotype Red.

Use this logo when placed on white or light grey and you still want to convey a bit of the brand’s personality. Some example uses would be headers, on case studies or proposals or on the
Outfit for Franchises and About Us pages.

Don’t use this variation on anything other than light grey or white.

Logotype Grey.

Use this logo when the logo has to be placed on white or light grey and is not the main focus of the page. Good uses are letterheads, footers and watermarks.

Logotype Generic.

The Outfit logotype can appear in any shade of black or grey as long as it's legible. This logo should only be used in situations similar to lockups with other greyscale logos.

Reversed Square.

This variation should only be used in social media avatars where the logotype is still legible.

Monogram Square.

This variation should only be used in social media avatars that are so small, the full logotype is no longer legible.

Monogram Generic.

Ideal for favicons, or adding a little bit of extra Outfit flavour to an area too big or small for a logo. Generic monogram can appear in any colour in the Outfit palette depending on context.

Heading One, Open Sans Light

Heading Two, Open Sans Light

Heading Three, Open Sans Light

Heading Four, Open Sans Regular

Heading Five, Open Sans Regular
Heading Six, Open Sans Bold

Noto Sans Regular.

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Outfit Red. #D13D3D

Our main brand colour, this colour should feature on everything Outfit related.

Outfit Dark Red. #B22A2A

Outfit Darker Red. #9D2525

Outfit Blue. #4579E2

Outfit blue separates the creating side of the app with the consuming side. Anything that is related to the ‘Designer’ or ‘Admin’ user roles should be Outfit Blue.

Outfit Dark Blue. #3461C1

Outfit Darker Blue. #2D55AA

Outfit Dark Grey. #464646

Outfit Black. #222222

We really hoped we didn’t have to include these.

We think our logo is perfect the way it is.
Please don’t try to improve it, or use it in a way that isn't documented.

Image Treatment - Red Overlay

Black and white, with an #FC1C1C overlay, at 60% opacity.

Image Treatment - Grey Overlay

Black and white, with an 'Outfit Dark Grey' overlay, at 80% opacity.

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